Family Dinner — Help!

Chaos. It's what's for dinner.

10 minutes. That’s approximately the amount of time required to consume a meal. I think if you chew the appropriate number of times, it’s a little more than that – 15 minutes, maybe? But either way. It’s a blip. And yet…those 10 minutes can cause So. Much. Angst.

For some, it’s everything that leads up to those 10 minutes. The logistics of getting it all ready and on the table. The planning, the shopping, the cooking that falls during the exact hour of the day when all children behave  like monsters. For others, the meal itself is a battle. The bribing, the begging, the trickery, the theatrics. The wondering if they’ll be telling their therapists about this meal one day. (Maybe that one is just me.) For most people though, I think it’s probably all of the above – to some degree, anyway.

I’m doing okay though, I think. My kids will eat vegetables (when threatened), and we eat together without shouting most nights. Some nights are better than others. And on those other nights I drink more take deep breaths and remind myself that tomorrow will be better. We’re getting it done. The process could use some streamlining, but we’re making it work.

I’m always interested in how other people make dinner work. Are they crock pot people? Batch and freeze people? Once-a-week shoppers or is there a daily who’s-stopping-at-the-store-tonight conversation? Who does the cooking? What time do they get home from work? I’m not curious in a judgy way – but if you’ve figured out how to do this in a way that doesn’t make you crazy, well, I’d like to know your secret.

When the idea of this blog first began rattling around in my head, I pushed it out of my mind, fearing I’d be a fraud to write on the subject of family dinners when 90% of the time I feel like I’m doing it all wrong.  But I’m banking on the fact that most of us feel that way at some point. And if I put out into the world my triumphs and fails, perhaps some of you will share yours too, and maybe we can all learn a thing or two. I’m not exactly talking about a recipe swap (though recipes are welcome too), but I’m more interested in the logistics of it all – how do you get the food into your house, and then onto the table, and then into all the various mouths in reasonable amounts. Because if you found your way to this blog, you already know that this seemingly simple task is anything but.

So, welcome to my blog, Family Dinner Help.

Or more frequently, Family Dinner — Help?!?

(Because really, it just depends on the night.)


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