Wicked Witch of the Snacks

We just got back from Spring Break – a week at the beach with 2 other families (total of 6 adults and 7 kids in one house). It’s interesting to travel with other families – everybody sort of adapts their parenting styles to fit one another. Nobody wants to be the parent saying “no” to […]

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Taco Tuesdays

This past week we had tacos. And it was on a Tuesday. I’d like to pretend Taco Tuesday is a thing in our house, but I’m not that organized. What actually happened was, I was planning to try that Mexican quinoa recipe I’ve seen in my Facebook feed 15 times (from Tip Hero) but when […]

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Daddies Do the Dishes

When the girls came home from school last year with laminated “My Daddy is…” artwork, I thought it was hysterical that “Doing the dishes” was listed next to “Daddy’s Job is…” I was only slightly embarrassed that neither of them thought to say the name of Roger’s company (which they both know well). I mostly just thought […]

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How Do You Do Dinner?

I was at a play date about a year ago, when another mom asked me this question. I was a little surprised by it – not by the question itself, but by the implications of who was asking it. Because this woman sitting in front of me – with her 3 school-age kids, high-powered full-time […]

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Family Dinner — Help!

10 minutes. That’s approximately the amount of time required to consume a meal. I think if you chew the appropriate number of times, it’s a little more than that – 15 minutes, maybe? But either way. It’s a blip. And yet…those 10 minutes can cause So. Much. Angst. For some, it’s everything that leads up […]

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