Wicked Witch of the Snacks

We just got back from Spring Break – a week at the beach with 2 other families (total of 6 adults and 7 kids in one house). It’s interesting to travel with other families – everybody sort of adapts their parenting styles to fit one another. Nobody wants to be the parent saying “no” to […]

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What’s for Dinner?

I know they say the only things you can be certain of are death and taxes, but in my house, I’d add to that list, the daily question, “What’s for dinner?” When I pick up my two year old from school, I’m lucky to get a hug and a “hello” before he states this daily […]

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Family Dinner Rules

So what are we doing here, Robyn? Are you just going to tell us funny stories about your family, or are you going to offer some actual advice on how to make family dinners more tolerable? Easy there, tiger. We’re getting there, but the short answer is yes. And yes.  I love to tell stories, so […]

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Taco Tuesdays

This past week we had tacos. And it was on a Tuesday. I’d like to pretend Taco Tuesday is a thing in our house, but I’m not that organized. What actually happened was, I was planning to try that Mexican quinoa recipe I’ve seen in my Facebook feed 15 times (from Tip Hero) but when […]

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